Chinese Cultural Innovation Technology and Excellent Case Exhibition Area
Summarize the general development situation and unveil the global trends of cultural device industry. Promote Cultural Device and its application in different occasions, demonstrating China’s top level of the industry.

Cultural Device Exhibition Area
Provinces and Cities Across China

Leading companies across China display excellent cultural device cases with local characteristics.

This exhibition area, divided into four parts, mainly displays the devices, technologies,  products and integrated solutions in all fields of cultural tourism industry.

■Amusement Area
■Performing Arts Area
■Digital Media Area
■World Makers Area

Service Providers

Companies that provide services in design, planning, consultation and operation demonstrate their solutions and application cases.

Radio, Film & Television

Display the cutting-edge technologies in digital television, broadcast, Internet and mobile TV broadcasting; devices of film-playing and amusement activities.

International Area

Display the futuristic technologies in the cultural device industry in different countries.