Shanghai International Cultural Device Expo (CDEX), initiated by Shanghai Municipal Government, is a national-level innovative expo of cultural device, also an international professional showcase of emerging technologies, integration cases, innovative solutions and new types cultural consumption programs. It focuses on the possibilities between emerging high technologies, and cultural industry, public cultures and tourism, which have been seen great expansion. CDEX is working as a cultural device trading platform that serves for the demand side in cultural and tourism markets in China and countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and playing multiple roles as supplier, service provider and financial backer.

To fulfill our vision of integrating cultural device with scientific technology and IP, and achieving common prosperity of the whole society, we are committed to both facilitating outstanding domestic cultural companies to go global, and introducing cutting-edge technologies and applications to promote the upgrade of domestic cultural industry and establishment of cultural undertakings.

2019 CDEX incorporates four parts: showcase, conference, trade fair and award ceremony for Innovative Solutions, and participants in China and abroad will be present including representatives from cultural tourism agencies, broadcast and TV systems, public cultural space operation, theme park  design consultancy, theme attractions, real estate companies and finance institutions. We are going to display cutting-edge technologies and applications in high-tech cultural device industry and build an international platform for practitioners and experts to share and exchange innovative solutions and cases, seeking for new business model in cultural industry. 

September 24-October7, 2019

2019 CDEX

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